Ben Morris

Software development

Clayton Bingham

Undergraduate researcher

Dan McGlinn


Elita Baldridge

Phd student

Kari Norman

Undergraduate researcher

Ken Locey


Mikaelle Giffen

Undergraduate researcher

Sarah Supp

Phd student

Xiao Xiao

PhD student

Zack Brym


Henry Senyondo

Software Developer

Glenda Yenni

Project Manager

Juniper Simonis

Data Analyst

Hao Ye


Akash Goel

Student Software Developer

Ellen Bledsoe

PhD Student

Erica Christensen

PhD Student

Kristina Riemer

PhD Student

Renata Diaz

PhD Student

Sergio Marconi

PhD Student

Shawn Taylor

PhD Student

Shivam Negi

Student Software Developer

Virnaliz Cruz

PhD Student

Andrew Zhang

Software developer

Apoorva Pandey

Student Software Developer

Harshit Bansal

Student Software Developer

Pranita Sharma

Student Software Developer

Sumit Saha

Student Software Developer


Data Retriever

Package manager for data

Ecological Dynamics

How ecosystems change through time

Ecological Forecasting

Like weather forecasting, but for ecology


Large scales and general patterns

Portal Project

Long-term ecological research site

Remote Sensing

Ecological information from remote sensing

Recent Publications

More Publications

. A data science challenge for converting airborne remote sensing data into ecological information. PeerJ, 2019.

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. Developing a modern data workflow for regularly updated data. MEE, 2019.

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. Energetic equivalence underpins the size structure of tree and phytoplankton communities. Nat Comm, 2019.

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We build tools to make doing science easier and more efficient by automating the early phases of the data analysis pipeline.

  • Data Retriever: A package manager for data. It downloads, cleans, and stores publicly available data, so analysts spend less time managing data, and more time analyzing it. Available for Python, R, Julia, and the command line.
  • portalr: Quickly download, clean, and work with data from the Portal Project.


We are actively involved in training scientists in both ideas and tools.

  • Software and Data Carpentry Workshops
  • University of Florida R Meetup
  • Data Carpentry for Biologists (semester long course)
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecological Dynamics and Forecasting