Xiao Xiao

Currently: Data Scientist, Intuit. Former Weecology PhD student

Zack Brym

Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Florida. Former Weecology PhD Student/Postdoc

Hao Ye

Currently: Reproducibility Librarian, University of Florida. Former Weecology Postdoc

Akash Goel

Currently: Software Development Engineer, Amazon Lab126. Former Undergrad Software Developer

Ellen Bledsoe

PhD Student

Erica Christensen

Currently: Postdoc, New Mexico State University. Former Weecology PhD Student

Kristina Riemer

Currently: Scientific Programmer, University of Arizona. Former Weecology PhD Student

Sergio Marconi

PhD Student

Shawn Taylor

Currently: postdoc at USDA-ARS. Former Weecology PhD student

Shivam Negi

Currently: Senior Engineer, Samsung R&D. Former Weecology Undergrad Software Developer